logo-icon  TEAM SERVICES

EP provides customers with a team of technical professionals with a specific skill set, whether you need a team of .NET developers or a team of Java developers, when you require multiple people, EP allows you to specify requirements for all team members within one statement of work.

EP delivers this service as the single source provider and we ensure rate consistency and process efficiency, ultimately delivering multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one. We can also utilize our offshore capability to reduce your cost even more and provide virtually 24 hours of around-the- clock development.

The teams we deploy take the lead on your project from a project execution perspective and our Project Lead reports directly to you. The daily minutia of managing contracted employees and on-boarding and off-boarding contractors is eliminated with this service.

logo-icon  HOW WE DO IT?

We identify individuals whose abilities, styles, and personalities complement one another. Our Team Lead and In-House Project Manager guide these individuals through a robust on-boarding process and deliver the team to your jobsite, prepared and fully briefed on your project. The part you play in this process is to approve our Team Lead for the project . . . and we take care of the rest. The value that this service adds to your company is the ease of working with one solution provider, which allows you to realize greater cost savings by leveraging your IT contract dollars across one organization.

The management of the contract resources also saves you money because your IT managers are able to focus their company time on higher priority business activities and objectives.

Recruitment Referral


In an effort to strengthen our recruitment of highly qualified candidates, EP has established a Recruitment Referral Program.

Current and/or future EP employees are eligible for a good compensation for each candidate referred to EP, if those individuals are placed at one of our clients for a period of three months or more.



Please share resumes and contact information of potential candidates via email to EP with your contact information as the subject line to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .