logo-icon  Why choose EP over another staffing company? 

We have an unbeatable success rate of 100% placement throughout the USA making us proficient in giving our employees the best salaries, open access to management, unparalleled respect and a dedication to a strong work and life balance.  We keep full transparency with our employees and believe in high commitment levels as it is the key to have a long-term fruitful relationship.  

Our competence with BAs, QAs, SAP, Oracle, Java and .NET has helped our clients to streamline their business processes and customize their modules to suit their business environment enabling us to upgrade the skills of our employees and broaden their horizons with the latest technologies by facilitating online/classroom cross functional training.

1) Our ability to supply you with technical professionals

whose technical expertise and industry experience best match your needs at a lower cost. Because we focus on IT and we specialize in global recruiting, we are able to provide technical professionals who have specific expertise and certification in specialized areas. This enables us to match your specific needs with their expertise faster and at a lesser cost.Our recruiting process is very robust and we carry a bench of qualified professionals. Unlike companies that only recruit candidates in the market who are actively seeking positions, we are able to recruit from our bench of technical professionals AND recruit for the best talent in the market.Our commitment to look beyond the technical skills is only a part of our rigorous selection criteria (e.g., technical interviews, technical references etc.). In fact, we only recruit candidates who share our commitment to the customers we serve. It's this combination of technical abilities and integrity that makes EP truly distinctive.


2) We can supply people on short notice and on an "on-demand" basis.

We can fill your job request quickly and with a qualified candidate often at a less expensive rate than the competition. Unlike some of our competitors who claim to have a bench of technical professionals, but fill many of their customers positions with sub-vendor candidates, we primarily provide our customers with EP employees, whether they be U.S. based technical professionals, or International technical professionals working on H1B's in the U.S.


We sponsor and transfer visas to our organization to ensure that the international candidates that you receive from EP are working for an organization who's culture is built on creating fair, mutually beneficial relationships with its technical professionals, which results in many benefits for our customers, not to mention the ability to retain the best talent.
As a smaller, financially stable organization with specialized and highly trained recruiters, we pride ourselves on having a great understanding of the markets and the culture of the organizations we serve. These factors add up to faster delivery of quality staff that is able to ramp-up on your projects quickly - this has a direct impact on your project deadlines and budgets.


3)  Our Placement Process saves you time and money.

One key service that any staffing and services company should provide to a customer is the ability to screen candidates for the technical and cultural fit for the organization. Our process for recruiting, screening and placement gives us the ability to deliver quality and less costly candidates to you much faster than our competition.

4)  Our flexible Onshore/Offshore model is uniquely targeted at smaller engagements.

EP, through its partnerships, offers a CMM Level 4 process combined with the flexibility to ramp-up and ramp-down through our unique-smart sourcing model. No longer do you have to wait or pay for resources that you do not need because your outsourcing vendor does not possess the required capabilities to ramp-up and ramp-down resources quickly.
We quickly help solve our customers' staffing issues with our ability to rapidly engage our staffing process to find highly qualified candidates so your important project deadlines can be met. Other staffing companies have similar capabilities; however EP' on-shore and off-shore capabilites make our solutions much more efficient, effective, and less expensive than that of our competitors.


logo-icon  Unlike larger outsourcing firms we offer a unique value proposition to our customers by offering them a flexible outsourcing model that is uniquely designed to fit their organization. Our competition boasts the viability of their processes and procedures but lack the ability or willingness to deliver seasoned professionals to small and mid-size organizations. This typically results in small to mid-size organizations being staffed with young, inexperienced, recent college graduates.

logo-icon  At EP we know that "rapid time-to-productivity" for contracted staff is a key buying factor for our customers because it saves time and money, which helps ensure projects get done on time and within budget. EP offers outsourcing, which allows our customers, if they choose, to approve each and every candidate that is working on their project.