"Our mission is to be the best business partner to the customers and employees we serve. We will earn the privilege to serve our customers and employees everyday by living our core values of honesty, relationships, and service mentality. We will honorably, reliably, and ethically serve the needs of our customers and employees by providing information technology services of superior value that yields an adequate profit for our stakeholders, which is required for company growth"

Why EP?

Empower Professionals is a provider of IT and Management services for companies that have a need for a knowledgeable, responsive, and easy-to-work-with technology services partner. Our range of services includes application design, development, testing, deployment, system integration and infrastructure support. Be it a turn-key solution or providing strategic resources, our value is based on our flexible ability to align our expertise, processes, and technology services to your company's unique business situation.

We know that our customers want to work with an organization that provides a broad range of quality services at a good price, but more importantly, we know that they want a business partner that is able to articulate the value that it brings to their organization. In other words, our customers want to know how we quantifiably solve their business problems.

An experienced organization, EP' management comprises more than 60 years of combined marketing and technical experience in delivering IT services. We believe by striving to achieve personal and professional excellence that we are able to build relationships with you that allows EP to become trusted business advisors to your organization.

Our distinctive capabilities are realized through "Who we are" AND "What we do." In essence, we "out- behave" our competition and have created a company value chain that is difficult, if not, impossible for our competitors to follow.

Our commitment to grow and maintain reasonable profits allows us to maintain our culture that is personified by the founders of EP. We do not strive to be the biggest company but we demand to be the best at serving our customers. We know that today's services, processes, and innovations will be tomorrow's expectations, so we focus our collective energy on "out-behaving" our competition and delivering uncommon service and quality offerings